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Sat, 21st Nov, 2015 10:28 am Still around

I have been moving around a lot and completely forgot about this journal until I received a reminder that I hadn't signed in for a while. Took a bit to remember the password too! When I logged in, I saw a lot of familiar friends posting and for a moment I felt like I was home again. I thought I would post something and when I opened the editor, there was a post started but never finished, so I think I'll post it now, just due to lack of time. Hopefully I can settle my nomadic lifestyle in the new year and then I can have time to get back online again.

Here's what I had to say last Christmas.....

I haven't been on line in quite some time - I guess you can say that sometimes life just gets too wild, but what a ride it has been! Still trying to organize my time to fit everything in... kind of wish my friends never pushed me to get into the social networks, they expect me to be there night an day, but it's just too exhausting.
Mother nature sure has been playing games, with just about everyone it seems. Traditional seasons seem to be a thing of the past - part of stories older people talk about, pictures found in old magazines and photo albums. I do remember a definite break in each season, defined by specific months in the year. Now it seems as if nature has been stirred up and anything can happen anytime. We have just had our first thunderstorm of the year... in January! Those never used to pop up until at least April. I read a story about a tornado that touched down on Christmas Eve. That alone was surprising to me, but the quote that came with it was even more so... the local authorities said they were caught off guard because they usually get the tornado on Christmas Day. What?!?? I have never heard of a traditional tornado for Christmas before... or, for that matter, even hearing of one touching down in December! Recently they had to create new colours for the extreme heat in Australia because it was reaching temperatures not represented on the graph. Too bad we can't send some of the water in the floods down to them to cool things off a bit. Maybe someone should figure out how to do that instead of sitting in a room creating virus' that take down unsuspecting computers. You don't see the hell that it puts that person through, but this is something that you can see a good result from.
Oh yeah, now I remember why I stopped writing - too much sarcasm kept spilling out.

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Sun, 16th Aug, 2009 10:17 am What a year!

Sometimes I feel as if I'm the mouse, that I'm always running away from something. Other times I feel as if I'm the cat, chasing after "the prize". This grand prize ranges from a decent job, good health, completing that 'to do' list, reading all those books that have been piled up by the bed for the past 2 years, etc. I have no idea where the time keeps wandering off to, but I am loosing it daily. It seems as if the days are getting shorter and I can't get everything done as I used to. Maybe I'm just trying to do too much in one day, or maybe I'm just not focusing on the issues at hand properly, I don't know.

It's been over a year since I updated this journal, mainly because I couldn't remember the password to get in, but also because I just haven't had the time to sit at the computer long enough. By the time I get to open the Inbox, there are upwards of 300 messages that haven't been read yet - which takes a good 2-3 hours to sift through and respond to. Boom, one evening shot. I am searching for a new job, so that is priority one, which takes a minimum of an hour each night to search the available jobs and apply to ones that I can actually do. There are so many different sites to check out, I have a system where I check a group on a certain day of each week, this way I can catch the most recent postings without wasting time re-reading the old ones.

Have you ever noticed that the longer you stay in one place, the more 'stuff' you seem to accumulate? I'm trying to pear down my 'stuff' (which my family lovingly refers to as junk) so that if I find a job in another city, the move won't be as bad as the last one. I'm finding things I didn't even know I had! There are things I have been searching for around the house for years that are finally surfacing (in the oddest places). Other things I don't even know what they are or what they're for. I know that the garbage men won't like me much in the next few weeks!

I have finally purchased a camera that can take real pictures!

I am not complaining about it, but the one that I was given for Christmas a couple of years ago worked okay. I could only get 2 out of 10 pictures to come out clear, not a good thing. Then it broke in 6 months - I turned it off to go for supper, turned it back on after and it wouldn't turn on. Now I have this fancy-dancy one and I haven't figured out how to use it yet - too many options, too many things to set. If I could find real film easily, I would go back to my 35mm because I only had 1 out of 30 pictures come out blurry with that one!

Off to make Brunch and attack the next pile of papers.

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